Our values


Our organization seeks to plant the seed for a better world, building practices that can serve as models of the change we want. That is why we work to align our dreams of liberation to our organizational structure. We work together freely, offering what we know, and we learn together, taking on different roles and tasks, but remaining equal when making decisions. That is why we rotate responsibilities and are accountable to our compañeres at all times, and seek to be living examples of our values.


Members of Fuerza Migrante during a workshop with compañeres, during the 2018 season.

We organize and fight against a world that already has a set history and rules, and living under these we are made vulnerable to its toxic ideas and practices. Sometimes, perhaps without even knowing, we do and say the same things we are fighting against, hurting our own compañeres. That is why Fuerza Migrante is committed to a process of self-reflection and mutual aid, aiming to be better through a permanent dialogue that is constructive and caring. Our revolution is a permanent process where we learn together, growing emotionally and spiritually.


We are from distant lands, speak different languages and practice diverse cultures, as we fight on lands stolen by colonizers and settlers from Indigenous Peoples. Fuerza Migrante members work together understanding that our oppression is not unique, but global, and that nobody is above another. That is why we cannot stop being in solidarity with the cause of others around the world, who also struggle for their freedom and self determination.

Popular power

Fuerza Migrante knows that power resides in the hands of those who work, not those who command, their institutions or politicians. That is why it’s essential to build our own spaces, where our liberation can be planted and harvested. Our objective is not limited to a specific demand (e.g. open work permits, residency upon landing, etc.), but in the organizing of communities that can determine their own paths. This requires that we face migration as a product of the storms of capitalism and colonialism, which make us slaves to a wage, to enact patriarchal roles, and to maintain the dispossession of Indigenous communities in Canada.

Self determination

Freedom can only be built if we all participate and are able to determine our own lives. This is why as Fuerza Migrante we do not wait for anybody to come “save” us, or “solve” our problems. This is our task and collective responsibility. In order to build our autonomy, we must find out own voice, and it must be listened to and implemented, without others dominating us. Nuestro TrabajoIn order to build autonomy, we must find our own voices, and these must be heard and implemented collectively, without the domination of others.

Self-critical analysis

Our path is not written or predetermined; it is being built through our collective work. Our different experiences can help make our analysis richer only when we remain humble and we support each other when unforeseen circumstances appear in our way, without being blinded to our own mistakes. In order to build a better world, we must understand the necessity, and assume the responsibility, of improving as individuals and collectively, becoming better men, women, and others.