Fuerza Migrante

Fuerza Migrante seeks to build popular power in the fields in order to end injustice. Our work is based on mutual aid and community self-defense.

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Members of Fuerza Migrante visiting a cranberry farm in Surrey, BC

Organizing for justice must begin with questioning why, how, and who determines that some people will be marginalized and exploited in a systematic and collective manner, while others will benefit enormously from that oppression.

Fuerza Migrante* is a community organization that seeks to transform a world stained by exploitation and injustice. We work to build an autonomous movement of migrants, based on mutual aid and community self-defense.

Our struggle is multidimensional: we know that we must end with all forms of oppression at the same time. The struggle against gendered violence is particularly important, as most migrant farm workers identify as males. The dispossession of Indigenous territories at the hand of colonizers is another crucial issue to attack.

We gather together our resources and skills in order to participate in the struggles for migrant freedom in Canada. We also work and stand in solidarity with all other just struggles across the world.

We are committed to placing the workers and their needs at the centre of our projects. Facilitating collective decision-making, we decide together how our organization works.

*We were previously called the Migrant Workers' Dignity Association (MWDA) in English, and we were nicknamed "Dignidad Migrante" in Spanish.

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