A través de procesos de educación comunitaria y prestación de servicios, construimos poder en los campos para transformar el mundo.

Through popular education and services, we build power in the fields in order to change the world.

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Lo más reciente:

  • COVID-19 info
    La crisis global del #COVIDー19 demuestra el rol fundamental que cumplen les trabajadorxs #migrantes, particularmente los que trabajan en el campo. ¡Sin elles nadie come! Por eso producimos volantes para que todes les migrantes estén informados. ¡Ayuda a compartirlo!
  • Multidimensional solidarity: Building migrant power means challenging hegemonic masculinity
    While exploitation at the hands of their Canadian employers is a unifying feature of migrant farm worker experiences, this is not the only social relation that impacts their lives. Understanding and acknowledging the existence of the patriarchy is a major obstacle in our struggle.
  • Ingredients For Accountable Coalition- And Network-building
    Oppressive social relations are produced and reproduced through dehumanizing language, behaviours, and practices. This is why we lay out, even if in a rough manner, what we consider to be key ingredients upon which coalitions or networks can be built.
  • Anti-harassment/Bullying Policy And Accountability Process
    Fuerza Migrante is committed to the prevention of oppressive practices, and having an accountability policy in place is an important piece of the structures required to achieve this goal.
  • Nueva página lista! – New website ready!
    Ahora todo está listo para seguir construyendo nuestro proyecto tal y como lo pensamos, y evitar confusiones. – Now everything’s ready to continue building our project just as we’ve always wanted to, and to avoid any confusions.